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Exp. of interest 260z 2 seater, melb, aus.


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I'm wanting to sell my car, but not unless i get a good price for it how it is now, otherwise I'll paint it, and sell it then, as i know i'll get the money that i want, as it was supposed to be already painted and sold, but as things happen, it hasnt been done yet and i still have the car.

its a 1976 datsun 260z 2 seater 5spd 2.6 ltr inline 6 twin carbie engine


240z carbs with k&N filters

6-2-1 extractors, 2.25" exhaust with a fat dump tip

280zx distributer and coil (new breaker plate from keilor nissan)

5spd is out of a 82 280zx with 20k old clutch

3.9 ratio R200 Rear diffearential from a 280zx

engine is basically stock, but with a tad more compression than original, and larger pistons 40cc rather the stock 36cc i think they are, all work done by truline performance in essendon.

The engine had $1800 just in parts and machine work, spent on it last year but its only done around 20k since rebuild, and treated right.

I've replaced that many parts in the car that i've spent over 10g just on the car already, and thats just in the parts that i have bought, me and my dad do the work ourselves

new suspension (shocks and springs) springs are 2inch lower, new front urathane bushes, new ball joints,

new rear wheel bearings, new moustache bar, new front tie rods, new fuel pump

alot more that i just forgot about, and i have it all just about in receipts

----------------the body----------

Rust, is hardly any for the year of the car, there is a 10cent rust hole, that is at on the body

inside the drivers door, which you can't see unless you open the door, floors are good (slight surface rust no problem thou)

the bad part is the passanger door, as the pillar was slightly pushed in, easily repairable, as it just needs to be pulled out and the door aligned again, as it closes harshly and i think there is rust in the door skin, but no holes, don't think its anything bad, the paint in't to bad, its blue/purple with a slight pearl thou it, and it looks like a dogy job looks fantastic in photos, and at nite, but during the day you can see the chips and all that..

but the good part also is, as i've orderd a reconditioned front and rear bumpers, and are nice and cromed, and all holes welded up etc. also i've got a rear BRE wing sitting at home, that i havn't put on yet, which will go with the car, also i've got a new front spoiler on the car, that is still in fiberglass, also have a slightly dented non vented bonnet sitting at home also, but its red... i put a new hatch on the car, as the old one has some rust, and thats got new weather stripping. also im buying some exterior peices window trim etc...


passanger seat has a rip or 2, drivers seat is a diffearnt type, but same style,

I've got seat covers so you can't see it, carpets are all good, dash has a crack, all gauges work,

its got a cd player with 7x10, and 10cm pioneers but nothing worth mentioning...

I've got a set of 14inch globe wheels, and a set of 16inch performance wheels, both need new tyres,

I'm still undecided on which set i'll sell with the car, as i'm not sure if im getting another

datsun for my next car, and if i am i'll be keeping the 16s unless the buyer wants them, and

gives me the same amount that i could sell them for

now if anyone is interested,

give me an email on [email protected] with ur phone or any other questions and i'll get back to ya asap or post here

I'm not sure on a exact price, as it matters what the buyer wants me to do

I will be looking to sell the car within the next month, otherwise i'll be paying to get it painted,

then sell it for a nice price at the end

if i do sell it, i would sell it with a RWC, and the amount of reg that it has left, think i got like 6 months...

and the main reason i am selling it as, i am being forced to drive it to school everyday, and don't really want to do it to the car....

only really want to sell in melbourne, but unless the buyer does everything to move the car, i'll sell to a interstate buyer

here are 2 pictures, with the 16inch wheels on them, and the suspension isn't lowerd in this picture...

I have changed price to around $6500 with the 16s... need to sell ASAP



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Nathan I'm interested in the Bre Rear wing, The bonnet (non vented) and possibly front spoiler let me know.

You still have to show me what the wheels look like as I haven't seen them up close if there good maybe we could swap my panasport look a likes (superlites) and pay you the difference.

Should probably PM this...

Zya Soon,


I also ordered the front bumper chromed up aswell expensive huh? $350 just for the front ones :stupid: .

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as is i am looking in the region of 6800 with my 14inch rims, and 7500 with my 16inch rims... a tad bit negogiable.. but not much. as i would like to see the car painted, but don't really want the hassle of doing it.. but the car will come with a RWC... so you can understand what i mean by as is

as is, is meaning paint wise, mechanical i might do a few more things but matters what the buyer wants etc... but it runs perfect now anyway...

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