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Stainless Surgetank\swirlpot


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Hello from Brisbane, Australia !

SWIRLPOT/SURGETANK A must have for any originally non EFI car modified with an

EFI motor. Holds approx one litre - stainless construction, barbed ends.

PH 0403 21 6969



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Used to avoid fuel feed problems, especially during hard cornering

The surge tank stores a small amount of fuel for a high pressure pump to pick up.

If flow from the main tank is interrupted for any reason there is still fuel in the surge tank.

Fuel is piped to it by either a stock engine driven mechanical pump or a low pressure electric pump.

Don't know why it's important other than the engine cutting out in cornering, maybe it screws with the ECU if this happens?

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Have seen this as a problem with some 280z EFI motors with electric fuel pump unable to pickup fuel from the tank.

The right corner and angle with a low fuel tank means spluttering and drop in revs. Important when you are counting 1/100 of a second in lap times.

As Ivan said, its a go between little tank to prevent this.

Myself, with twin SU's and mechanical pump never seem to have any hesitation no matter how low the fuel is in the tank.


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Hi there Ivan - I'll look into the cost of getting it to NZ. In the interim can you please send me the address I'll need to send it to. The dimensions are best described as approx. 2 coke cans high.

Keep well...


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