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Left Rear Turn Signal Quit Working

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Hi Guys!


I need advice on my left rear turn signal diagnostic. The left rear turn signal quit working. All the bulbs are fine. The left front signal works fine. Both right turn signals front and rear work fine. ALL the hazards work including the left rear. BOTH rear brake lights work. HOWEVER, When the brakes are applied the left brake light goes out when the left turn signal is activated and there is no flashing signal. With the right turn signal activated and the brakes applied, the right signal flashes normally over riding the brake light. 


I read a couple of threads and my diagnosis is;


 - Turn Signal Flasher is ok

 - Hazard Flasher is ok

 - Brake over ride switch is ok


I read a thread that stated the column switch as individual contacts for the front signal and rear signal. My gut tells me the switch is the culprit, in particular the rear signal contact.


Thoughts? Advice? Comments?


Thanks in advance!

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Mine had the same issues. I took the turn signal switch apart and cleaned it. Then it worked again. But be carefull. If you bend anything you will have other issues like brake lights....been there.post-22076-0-16896400-1438545195_thumb.j

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