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Kenmeri coming to USA very soon.


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Looking fantastic mate! They are flying through. Can't wait to see it done!!


I love the choice of ferrari red as that was what i wanted to do with my other coupe project I sold. I can't cut up the race car tho so no GTR there, and my sedan would look horrible with the GTR treatment!!!!


As to the low VIN it would be an early 73 car. Not the lowest I know of though, but a nice early under 1000 car !! Got to be happy with that.


There is a coupe to be restored in Melbourne in the low 00500's, and in the US another coupe exported from Australia is a 00280 region VIN. My race car is sub 00430 FYI

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Thank You for the comment 240KStyle.

Yes I am happy with the low vin # for my 240K and I actually watching the very low vin 240K(#280) build in Stanceworks.com and I can tell that there are some of the early 240K's still floating around...

Also I am in the same feeling about cutting out the rear 1/4 panels so I will just go with the original 240K look........

here the link of his build..



He is doing an amaizing job on his 240K build also he is sourcing all kind of parts........I tried to contact him about some parts and I have ?'s for him but so far no responds.


I hope my 240K will finish next month and after that it will be coming over to the states.


Do you mind if I can use your help in the future about parts and technical?

Thanks again.


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Thanks a lot 240K Style,I am sure I will hit you up in the near future....

Here some updates on my 240K,they finish the passenger side body wise and they will finish the Driver side in the coming couple of days we have to do some patching in the rear valance as you can see from the pictures........I can't wait until she go to the paint booth some time in the coming week or so.....











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Some pictures after painting the interior and some Fender mirrors and set of emblems,

Still looking for the rear tail light panel Skyline emblem and the rear 240K GT emblem......My friend have the side and front(grill)emblems with some new front Marker lights.
















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Thank You EuroDat....

No it didn't cost that much to ship and the car worth the effort any way.I can't find one here  for sale.That's why I went that route with the help of my friend Sultan,trust me without him I will never have one in very reasnable cost. They are asking an ARM and a LEG for them back home....

After this skyline gets here in the states then I will start to look for an early 240Z with hatch vents ;) .

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What happened to all the right hand drive parts? he's keeping them?

I'm wondering if there are any shops out there that just put block-off plates

when they do conversions like this so that they can easily be converted back to their original



That poor old 240z in the background doesn't get any attention at all.


Very nice upholstery job btw.

When I shipped my 280z over from long beach to hawaii, i could track the ship

online. I don't know how many cars you've shipped, but from my experience, check real good

for anything damaged or missing BEFORE you sign the release papers.


I hope its going inside a container too.

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