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Lo and behold - The Datsun Rotary Engine!


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Just kidding! 
I was discussing this original Datsun ring binder I have with classiczcars.com member 26th-z. He's an avid collector of all things Datsun/Z, so I mentioned it to him, and he had never heard of its existence. SOOOOOO I thought I'd post some info here.

It was produced in May of 1970. This seems to be the Canadian edition (if there were any others) as indicated by the line drawing of the Great White North on the front of the yellow plastic cover.
It was given to me along with an old dilapidated early 1976 260Z owned by a dealer Service Manager. Sadly the car was too far gone to warrant a restoration, but I kept some hardware and literature from the donation.
Here are some photos of some interesting pages, and what the book is about. I will set up my new scanner/copier to commit these to a PDF file for further inspection.
Updated: My book has a table of contents that goes up to 193 pages, but I do not have anything passed 138. If it looks familiar to you, or you have access to the remainder of the pages, please let me know. I can scan them and send them back to you.
Pictures Below:

This book also contains information on various things like what is inside each item that is attached to the engine or provides auxiliary functions. Not many specifics on rebuilding or clearance checking and whatnot- but it does have things like metallurgy compositions, and processes involved in producing said items.

It's foreward page has an exerpt about the book being used for insight and expanding one's knowledge and identifying/establishing proper nomenclature for various items according to Datsun regarding engines and whatnot.


EXCITING edit: This is the full book. It's split up into 3 sections, each with a Table of Contents of its own. AWESOME!

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