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240Z Carbs & Intake for Sale

Tony Genovese

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This is for anyone looking to upgrade their later '73 240Z or 260Z to early-spec 240Z '70-'72 "roundtop" SU-Hitachi carburetors. This is the swap that's been done for years now to get better performance than those OEM flat-top (P.O.S. in my opinion) carbs.

The ones I'm offering even have their own separate air filters with washable K&N filter elements, which flow much better than the stock air cleaner assembly. The carbs are the '72 model year type with three screws holding down the dashpot dome (earlier versions had four screws & other minor differences, but essentially they produce the same results)--if you need more info, refer to ZTherapy's web site for all the descriptive data you'd ever want to know...

I'm selling the carbs, air filters, linkage, intake manifold and balance tube all as one unit...you get everything.

The carbs are in good working condition, both pistons move & drop freely, the chokes don't stick, the needles, jets & fuel hoses & clamps are all there. These will bolt right onto any L6 motor (applications & extra parts needs may vary depending on what kind of Z you've got and how "stock" it is).

I'm asking $175 + shipping cost (which I won't ask more than $20). I'm located in San Diego, CA. Thanks!

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