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Color code 077 1982 ZX turbo help?

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I have a 1982 zxt that says "077" as color code.

I can´t find it anywhere.


The car is repainted, but I think it is in original color.

It is two-colored from new.

I suppose it is like the "10th anniversary" model, but of course it is not.


Some pictures, whole car and ID plate in sparewheel compartement.



Any help would be appriciated.






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Thank for sharing. That is a great website for tracking down colors.

What are your plans if you dont mind me asking?

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Im am fixing it up to be road-worthy. No show car, just for fun.

It has some rust issues, both under it and on the body. Not as bad as they can be, something in the middle.

I have done worse before...


I got it in 2007 and then put it away for winter storage, that became "year-round-winter-storage".


This year I got it out of there, to sell it, but when I began to go through it, I got feelings:-)


I have don maybe a quarter of the underside rust no, I will leave the body for now and drive it a little this summer.

Here in Sweden we need to have our cars checked one a year (once every two years if it is older than 30 years) to be allowed to drive it on the road.

I don´t know how it works in the USA.


Anyway, that is my goal for now.


I have to take it step by step, if I look at all the woork needed, I get sick of it.


The car was bought in the USA by a Swedish guy, brand new. He took it here when he moved home.

It has an intercooler built into i, watercooled, so it is pretty fast.

I havn´t driven it alot, though, but it felt fast, way to fast for my little road outside of here:-)


Unfortunately the man is dead since many years now som I don´t really have any history of it.

In the cleaningv of his house, by his son, they tossed and burned all papers and stuff, including all original ones for the car.


I am glad to share "progress" if you are interested. But please don´t judge my weldings:-)

I know that there are "real" ways to restore a car. Also very bad ways. I´m in the middle doing my best. :)


By the way, are there different rear axles? I know that there are R180 and R200 and I have a R200, but can they be different inside?

With difflocks and so? There were some talk about it by the son to the man that bought it new. 

He said that something was changed and as far as he understood, it was changed or done something with to be limited slip or so.

Is that possible?


I post a picture of the letters of it. And of rust... (Yes, I like big pictures ;) )



























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Your welding is not that bad actually. You have been buzy, judging by the photos.

As for the diff: The numbers don't mean much. The numbers in the casting are just casting production numbers. If he did have something in the diff changed, you will need to dismantle it to know for sure.

None of the 280ZX's came with a limited slip diff (LSD). You can test it by jacking up the rear end, put the car in neautral and turn one by hand. The other wheel will turn the opposite diection for a normal diff. An LSD will turn the same direction.

It all looks original with the turbo CV's, but that doesn't mean he didn't use an aftermarket version.


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Your welding is not that bad actually. You have been buzy, judging by the photos.



Tx :)


I´ll test the diff.


I try not to look at too much rust at a time, keeping focus on one section. It gets overwhelming otherwise.



I can keep posting pictures. Maybe that will be some sort of push for me to get inspiration lying under the car and get rained metal on ;)

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