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"while They Last" - Extra Special Price


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We’ve been offering re-plated chrome tail light bezels for 260/280Z’s for about $400.00 per pair. In fact, if you look, you can currently find them on eBay for $389.95. Quality cores have become increasingly difficult to find. After 40 years, most cores are missing pieces, are cracked or the surface is so poor that plating would yield unacceptable results. Recently, after months of intensive searching, we were able to procure a quantity of cores that we likely won’t see again. We’re going to blow these out at a price we’ve never offered, $299.95. If you’ve been sitting on the fence and need a pair of “show quality” bezels, now’s the time! These sets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. We’re even going one better. If you happen to have a pair of quality cores, that are intact and can be plated, we’ll credit you another twenty dollars when we receive your cores and verify their quality. Your net cost for a set of re-plated bezels would then only be $279.95. When these are gone, they’re gone. If, and when, we’re able to secure more cores, the price will revert back to the previous level. I guarantee these will go quickly, don’t wait. These bezels will never be less expensive! If you’re interested, your PayPal payment of $299.95 will secure a set at the special price. If you send quality cores that are plateable, we’ll credit your PayPal account $20.00 upon receipt. PayPal payments should be sent to:  parallax.randy.lewis@gmail.com  




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We only have 6 sets of 260, 280Z bezels left at the blow out price of $299.95. Again, these are beautifully re-plated OEM parts with better chrome plating than the original factory finish. If you want the best available, for your refurb or restoration, here's your opportunity to get them for a price we will likely never be able to repeat. Your PayPal payment will guarantee you one of our six remaining sets. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Here are a number of photos showing other work we've done recently for our clients. If you have parts for your Datsuns, or any other vintage automobile, you'd like chrome plated, shoot me an e-mail with a few pictures and I'll quickly get back to you with a quote. We currently have a promotion in place that expires at the end of January, so if you want to take advantage of that you'll need to let me know fairly quickly. E-mail me at: vintagechromellc@gmail.com.







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We have 2 sets of re-chromed taillight bezels that we would consider seconds, because of some very minor imperfections. Quite frankly, you'd have to look very close to see these small flaws. We're willing to let these two sets go for a bit less than our show quality sets. If you're interested in a set of really nice driver quality bezels and want to save a few bucks, shoot me an e-mail at vintagechromellc@gmail.com . I only have two sets available.

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