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1974 Datsun 240K Coupe For Sale, C110 G.t.r Parts As Well.

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After much consideration I have decided to sell my Project.


I have a 1974 Datsun 240K coupe which I planned on converting into a C110 G.T.R Replica, complete with

an L28 stroker motor and triple Mikunis. Unfortunately I don't have the time for this anymore and am selling

this hopefully to someone who shares a similar passion. I bought the car in 2011, and it has pretty much sat

in the garage all this time, I start the engine every month, and drive it up and down the driveway to keep things circulating. The car has very minimal rust and is in amazing condition for a 40 year old car.


The car is not registered and would need to be towed, but it is driveable. It is factory auto and completely



I also have a complete 5 speed manual conversion for the car and the following parts

* Spare L28 engine ( N42/N42 ) that was running when purchased out of a 280C sedan.

* LD28 crankshaft

* L28 race extractors

* 4 x 40mm Solex Mikuni Carburetors

* Full G.T.R interior trim, aluminium dash trim, "skyline" dash badge, G.T.R steering wheel, ORIGINAL

 G.T.R gear knob, centre console trim, radio, cassette blanking cover etc.

* All G.T.R exterior pieces, including front grill, fender mirrors, flares, rear spoiler, all badges,

 JDM tailights, G.T.R tailight rings, early style bumper reflectors e.t.c. Just don't have the G.T.R Faux

air vent and G.T.R fuel filler cover.

Have also N.O.S gear boot and rubbers for boot and gearbox, also have N.O.S fuel cap.


Can either sell as one lot (prefer to do this), or can sell the car, and the parts as a bundle.

Not looking to sell the parts individually at this stage.


Car is located in Sydney, N.S.W

Offering the car here first, hopefully to go to a fellow member.


Not looking to make a profit, just want to get back what it owes me.

Looking at 15K negotiable for the car, and 10K negotiable for the parts, or 20K for the lot.


P.M me if interested. I will add photos shortly.


Cheers, Costas.

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And some photos of the parts as well. There's probably other parts I have forgotten as well, will try to find everything and list it, hard to remember as these parts were collected over many years.















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Very tempting to sell my two and buy this !

Could be interested in your coupe if you sell, GTR clone would look good next to my 240z

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Little birdy tells me you are keeping her  :wub:



I had actually sold it all, but regretted it, and knew I wouldn't find another in this condition,

plus I didn't need to sell anymore, so I withdrew the sale. So it definitely wont be heading


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It was going to a home where it would've been loved anyway. But i'd have to say 100% you won't find one like it.


I know the buyer, he will just have to build up his other 240K now :D



So when does it all begin?


P.S. i LOVE your instrument cluster :wub:

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