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Wheel And Tire Clearance

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I own a 1975 Datsun 280Z and would like to continue using my original nostalgic rims.  I have read a lot of good information on this topic, but it still leaves you a little unsure.  I know I only have one choice for tires in a semi-performance all season (BF goodrich radial T/A).  I know this car's stock suspension is higher than my previous 240Z and I intend to lower my current 280Z a couple of inches.  Unfortunately I need tires now so I can't wait to lower the car and then buy tires, which would be the proper order to do it.  Just wondered if anybody knew the right tire size to choose from between a 215/60/14 and 215/70/14 and 225/60/14 and a 235/60/14?  I am trying to achieve a little more width to the contact patch of the tire without making the tire too tall or cause any rubbing for future lowering plans.  Thank you in advance for any tips!





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I've found this to be a helpful tool when comparing tires sizes: http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp


You can compare different sizes side by side and there's a calculator that will give info like effect on your speedometer, or whether the tire moves closer to/farther from the suspension or fenders.


Remember the first number is the width of the tire in mm, the second number (after the slash) is the sidewall height as a percentage of the width (215 * 60% = 129mm sidewall; 235 * 60% = 141mm sidewall).


Also, if you want a wider tire for the purpose of increasing grip, you might also be able to accomplish that and avoid rubbing by going with a narrower, stickier tire.

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