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"it'll buff out" is what the ad said


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The #305 280 is like I had in high school. Bought it 3 years ago for $1,400, no rust at all. Messed with it for 2 months with the help of Fastwoman and Ztrain and of course Blue's Tech Tips, got it running good and realized I wanted to keep it. 9 months later it was all new except paint and carpet, it's my Buick. The #918 240 is the 2nd 240 I bought, the 1st one is red with white interior. If I could walk into a Nissan dealership and order a brand new 240 it would be exactly like the 918 I found on craigslist.com. Got it for a song too. Now I have ebony and ivory 240s. I will sale the red one sometime soon because I need the garage space, 3 slots and 5 cars but of course the Zs get the 3 slots. Anyway the 305 blue 280 will stay as my Buick like car (GT) and the 918 will always be my sports car. I had always been a motorcycle person but got sick of waking up in the ER. This forum with all the information and positive personalities has changed me forever from bikes to Zs. My Mother loves y'all for getting me off the bikes. :)

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Meguairs Clay Bar kit from Walmart and a pack of micro-fiber towels. Then O'reilly's for the Meguairs #7 Show Car Glaze. I'm going to do my Camry this weekend if the weathers nice.

The clay barring didn't do too much on this car, I've washed it about 10 times. The direction say it's for contaminates on the surface of the paint. The clay was white and barely had an orange tint to it after I did the hole hood. I'm sure it'll do better on the Camry as it sits outside.

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