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Vintage Parts Looking for a Home

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    Not exactly "free to a good home", but close.

    I have some vintage parts from a 1972 240Z that I am replacing with upgrades. Recently bought a very solid Z (HLS30-53473) from the original owner who took very good care of the car. I would prefer that these parts go to somone doing a restoration or wanting a vintage look. I have:

    Five original 14 x 5" steel wheels that were on the car about an hour before the original owner replaced them with slotted disc mags. Excellent condition, as new. Wheel from the spare doesn't even have hubcap marks. No hubcaps, unfortunately.

    Five vintage 14 x 6" US Indy slotted disc alloy wheels purchased 12/30/71 for $211.54 (I have the receipt). Monted on the car upon delivery 12/31/71. They could use a bit of polish, but are in very good condition.

    One original Bridgestone 175HR14 with the folowing markings: Bridgestone RD-150, Made in Japan, EJJ3 CCA411, and K7113. The tire has obviously been rotated into servicd and has 4/32 to 5/32 tread remaining. The tire has been serving as the spare and is mounted on one of the 14 x 6" alloy wheels.

    Original seat and shoulder belts (black).

    Not vintage, but available -- two nice sheepskin seat covers that kept the orginal seats in excellent condition.

    Not looking to retire on the proceeds, just not looking forward to storing this stuff. Let me know if you can use any of this and we'll work something out.







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    Some of you will want the gory details, so here goes:

    Replaced the seat belts with new, retractable belts. Wanted perido-correct Minilite 15 x 7s, but the wait is too long. 16 x 7" Panasports on the way, going with 205/55VR16 Yokohama YK580s. Engine is OK at 128K, original 4-speed is OK, clutch is fresh. Wanting better cold starting, the OO put replaced the SUs with a 4-barrel Holly carb and I have to say it works well.

    Car has had glass-out resprays twice, the latest in a Honda silver that is a bit more metallic that the original color. Wasn't a big fan of the burgundy interior, but it's beginning to grow on me. Vinyl on the shock towers is faded, but the seats are in very good shape. Going to leave the original seat covers, but I'll rebuild the driver's seat with new foam. Will also stip out the interior, lay in B-Quiet sound deadener stem to stern, install new carpet, and a Retrosoud stereo.

    All in all, a very sweet Z. Wen the time comes, I'll most likely ask Pierre Z in Gardena to do a conservative rebuild (.20 over?) with a mild cam, the orignal SUs, and stock exhaust. Might even keep the 4-speed.

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    Steel 14 x 5s have been sold, and the Bridgestone RD-15 is too.

    14 x 6 Indy mags are being cleaned/refinished/polished in Charlotte and will be available in a week or two.

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