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75 280Z Restoration 2.5 Years


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post-12411-14150827699581_thumb.jpgHello Everyone,

I saw a post of a gentleman who is restoring an S30 in 5 months, that is impressive; mine has taking 2.5 years, but it did come out of a scrapyard. I hope that I can encourage someone who is in what I call the "middle mile" on their restoration (to far from the beginning to turn back and still a ways to see the completion of the project) just keep pressing on it will be WORTH IT! :classic:





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Thanks for the pictures, it looks great, and the moral support. I'm about 2 years in myself and just now starting on the outside! I'm waiting for a front spoiler just like your's. I'm having it painted Gunmetal grey to match my wheels and want the bumper satin black. Then have the car sprayed original 305 blue. Thanks again for some inspiration.

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I have not seen the harness your speaking of, all I know from my working with the headlight electrical is that the power goes to the combo switch which than in turn energizes the fuses which goes to the headlights. The best situation I would think would be a way that the combo switch would energize a relay which in turn would send the power to the headlights. Just my 2 cents

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Siteunseen, it's my understanding that Dave's harness(s) are better. I have both of them and am very happy. You are correct, it does pull power from the battery instead of the switch.

Mark, thanks for the info. Not sure what I'm going to use yet. I like the idea of being able to reach in and replace the bulb instead of having to replace the whole headlight.

I need to research this some more.

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78 Z Car, very nice job, I'm a little over 2 years in my 75 and on the home stretch. I was going to sell her this Spring but have changed my mind, there are a few things left to do, just got some new 16" rims and tires, didn't really like my rims.

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