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Carter rotary pump


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I've got a Mallory pump 4070LP, it is quiet (you can barely hear it at idle) but I've never been able to get more than 2psi out of it for some reason no matter what I was doing to get higher pressure. Despite low pressure, flow was good.

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Well i now have that new pump. Its the Airtex/Webcon inline "el-cheapo" pump. Supposed to deliver up to 130liters/hour at 5-9psi. Installed it to same place as Dave, at the differential mount. Fits perfectly. Now i just need to tinker the electrics. Im not going to put any fancy inertia switches etc. Too complicated for my brains.

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I tried the Carter pump, but removed it due to the noise. It's like someone is using a hammer drill on the underside of the car!

I switched to a Pierburg many years ago, It's been faultless on road and track.

Pierburg roller cell pump, 1.9 litres per minute @ 3 psi running at 13.8 volts 2.0 amps and supports up to 340hp.


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This is more electrical related but i wouldnt want to start a new topic. I've now connected the pump to the harness (black and green wire) but i need to know whats next. I suck at electrics so i need some advice. Im not putting any oil pressure switches so can i just skip it and do the rest from this schematic?


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You'll get voltage drops using the factory harness without a relay, so much you can actually hear the pump speed up and slow down when the indicators come on/off. Ask me how I know, LOL! Lower voltage means more current draw which may shorten the life of the pump. It'll also alter the flow rate.

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