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Advices needed for modified 1972 240Z

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Hi everyone,

I'm actively looking for the perfect 240Z (preferably, but also considering 260/280Zs) in Los Angeles.

I got in touch with that guy on Craigslist (who was also recommended to me by a Z garage so he might also be a member of this forum as well, I wouldn't be too surprised haha) who is selling a modified 1972 240Z.

My budget is limited and that one is a bit above what I'm looking for (9000$ , I can possibly lower the price a bit).

The car is rust free, rebuilt hot rod motor, clutch, trans, suspensions.

The car will be used mostly for leisure (not a daily driver) but I do need something reliable as I'm not an expert in mechanics. I don't know if these engine mods are actually a good thing considering my situation.

Any advice welcome ! thanks





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You have time - I'd keep looking. On the budget you set - it will be hard find any 240Z that is going to be reliable. Better to stay with an all stock example - as that will reduce the number of variables you would have to trouble shoot when something does go wrong.

This one has has an incomplete color change, bumpers blacked out instead of rechromed and aftermarket carb's - to me - that all says "modified on a budget"... as opposed to making the most desirable mod's. - - but that's just my opinion..

Don't get in a hurry - go look at least 15 cars over before you buy anything.. It is very easy to buy a car - but it can be a real hassle to try to resell one your not happy with.


Carl B.

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What he said. Maybe ok for half that, if the interior's nice and it runs good.

There was a similar thread last summer. There were replies with links to some very nice cars in the $9000 range or less, one near perfect stock, clean resto-mods, and if you need a "hotrod" there was a Z with about $20000 of speed stuff including a nice Nissan twin-cam swap, suspension, etc. for about that price.

If there's such a thing as a Clifford type "ram-flow" tuned intake for dual downdraft carbs that fit a Z, those carbs might be hot performers. Can't find the old Clifford catalog though, maybe they never existed for the Z's.

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Alright, thanks for the detailled answers guys. I'll keep hot rod for when I'll know more about mechanics.

I'm going for an all stock one.

It's so hard to find an actual good price. There's a lot of offers in LA, I won't complain, but it seems there is also a lot of demand. Well priced, honest Z sell fast.

Next one might be the one!

Thanks again Carl & Stanley

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