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What would you pay for it?

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    Recently at a local car show, a guy came by to see my S1 240Z and asked me if I was interested in buying a '82 S130 Non-Turbo Coupe. I have an idea of what it's worth, but the fellow mentioned a price that was much higher than what thought it's worth. What would you pay?

    Here are the details and pictures:

    Vin #JN1HZ04S9CX462074

    Starts, engine runs well. The clutch seems frozen, but that's fairly normal for a car that's been sitting 6 months in Florida. Good paint. Minor surface rust underneath, but no rot. Interior needs work. Window film is bubbling.

    The bad: a branch fell on the roof and hit the hood, there are 3 minor dents (1 on the roof, 1 on the hood and 1 on the hatch (not good).















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    Is this a joke? It's not April is it?

    Oh crap, I was thinking about trading for it! I'm sorry.

    Sorry dude. I don't get it. But if you can up with a decent trade, I can broker a deal.

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    skip. not worth it. whatever it i$. sadly. just my opinion of course, but i agree with BGM above. nice ones (NA S130) are still cheap enough and available that restoring one the needs its own value in body work and paint alone isn't really the way to go. best ~ rob.

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