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New french guy from LA

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Hello everyone!

My name is Max, I'm a French guy who recently relocated (permanently) in Los Angeles for work.

I'm 26 and it's been years since I'm looking at 240Z but I've never been able to afford one, until now. Los Angeles is also definitely easier than French countryside for finding a good car!

I understand that I'm a real beginner here but I'm really motivated to learn a lot and find a ton of useful advices... and ultimately the car I want.

My main problem being mechanics. I did a few things in a workshop for personal project but my knowledge in car mechanics is very very limited. That's why I'm not looking for a project car but a car which runs well (I never owned an old car).

The good thing is that I don't need it for my daily commute but rather for leisure. If something breaks, I'll have some time to fix it.. or get it fixed.

I started looking on Craigslist, car dealers and even parked cars in the streets in case the owner wanted to sell it.

Maybe an experienced member of the forum who would come with me to check a car before buying it ? :classic:

Looking forward to posting more on here and owning that fine piece of car very soon.


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Welcome! You have come to the right Z forum. As well you are now geographically surrounded by the most and best condition z's on earth.

Decide on what you want first, set your budget, and if you are not in a rush, then take your time shopping, there are many cars and the right one will come along.

Post links to the cars you are interested in here and members will tell you the good and bad aspects.

Research old posts on this forum, to gain more expertise in the Z everything you need is in the archives here.

Two more great sites are:

the Z Car Home Page

Datsun Z Garage- ZCAR Performance Mods

For finding a z look here:

los angeles cars & trucks - by owner classifieds "240z" - craigslist

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Welcome and definitely spend some good time reading & learning about Z's.

There's tons of knowledge here so you can take a wise decision and get a good car to start with. As an old car, it will never be perfect but Z's are very good candidate to learn how to work on cars, they are very easy to work on.

Despite being a mechanical engineer with automotive knowledge, I was not so comfortable with the car at first but in 5 years, I've restored almost everything, including engine, on my car except body; which was in perfect shape when I acquired the car)

You're also on the good side of the ocean (actually on the other side of the planet according to me) to get cheap parts to make a good car. Take advantage of it for sure! I envy you for that!

Since you're French, do not hesitate also to join the French community on datsun-france , we'll be glad to help :)

For the record, it took me 4 years while I was in Detroit to find a good Z. It was more expensive than most of the Z I could have seen over the years but the extra money spent saved me a lot of time, troubles and money in the long range. The car is now a blast to drive on countryside roads around Paris/Versailles.

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You guys are awesome. Thanks for the detailled replies and the useful tips.

I'll definitely post more when I'll have specific questions.


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