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Here is the latest cover of Issue #5, Nice story on how to get started in vintage racing.

Reminder: CZCC has met the requirements of being a Partner Club with the magazine. Anyone who has signed up from this site can now submit articles. See earlier post for guidelines. CZCC will now be listed in the Partner Club contact listing in the magazine as a web-based club and also listed on the web page starting with issue #6


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Hey Tomahawk, I know this is a little late but I'm told there is a way to be able to print out the online version. You need to sign up as a member of ISSUU (that is who I use to setup the online version). I'm told that if you sign up with them (I don't think there is a cost) you will be able to download the online version which in turn will allow you to print it out. Let me know if it works if you try it.

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I have updated the subscription promotion. New details listed below. Greg P will be added to the list of 10 since he signed up after the first promo ended.

Special 1-Year Subscription Promotion

Get a 1-year subscription to Z Car Club Magazine plus the first 4 issues of ZCCM at a discounted rate. If you are one of the first 10 to order a subscription, you will also receive a 2014 Nissan Motorsports Calendar and a real postage stamp from Ajman (middle eastern) with an illustration of a 240Z on it. The subscription starts with issue #5 and runs through issue #10. This special offer is listed on Ebay and the link is:

Datsun Nissan Z Car Club Magazine 1 Year Subscription Back Issues | eBay

And of the first 10, one will be chosen at random (out of a hat) to get a signed issue of Sport Z Magazine by Mr. K. Make sure to say that you are with classiczcars.com.

If you mention that you saw this at czc.com it will go towards the total number of members signed up with the club and you will receive a $6.00 refund so that the base price of the subscription is still $2.50 per issue. The offer also includes home delivery of the printed version. You must leave a message when ordering as simple as: "czc member" since the ebay listing will not mention the calendar or postage stamp.

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I just ordered all the back issues and will sign up for the subscription. Thank you for your efforts in this.

I received my 4 back issues and I must say I'm very pleased with publication. Well done!

Question: Issue #5 is current. If I order the subscription (print), will I get #5 or will #6 be the first that I see?



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Brett, if you order a subscription it will start with #5.

On another note:FYI: I started mailing out issue #5, Back issues, book and postcard. I ran out of a specific envelope that I use so I have to try and find some at the local area post offices. If I don't, I have 90 on order but they might not get here till Friday. Some will see the package on Friday.

On another note, issue #1 is sold out and is no longer available. Everyone that signed up to this point will still get the first issue if they ordered the back issues with the subscription.

Also, anyone that ordered the promo package will start seeing a $6.00 refund in the next few days.

When you get the stuff, let me know what you think.



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I'm not sure how I missed this thread earlier, but kudos on a great looking magazine. I just placed a subscription & look forward to reading it. Once I'm further along on the HellFire ECU, I'll do a writeup (either on it, or the Z's Fuel injection system in general) if you think it would be something appropriate. Also, I noticed you are in NM. I will be in the Taos area sometime this Summer if you are close by and have time, we could meet and visit.


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Issue #6 is in production. Feature story is on a Nissan Executive who owns a RHD 240Z with a Skyline motor. The second feature is about all the Z related magazines that have come and gone since 1994. Project Datsun 510 begins and the BTW is on a 1986 300ZX.

Reminder: CZCC has met the requirements of being a Partner Club with the magazine. Anyone who has signed up from this site can now submit articles. See earlier post for guidelines.


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