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How do I take this apart?


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What is the name of the metal bracket attached to the balljoint and how the heck do I remove it? Removing the castle nut on top was a pain in the arse, as I couldn't get good leverage, but even with the nut removed, it's stuck there!


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If the ball joint is garbage you can place the tie rod holder so it is straddling the jaws of your vice and just hammer it out. If the ball joint is usable then you really don't have to take it apart.


Hammer Time! So, I hit the threaded bolt I presume?

FWIW - the part in your hand is called a steering knuckle. If you have both of them off, be sure to keep track of the side they came from as they are a left side and right side item.

Steering knuckle, thanks! Currently, only the driver side is out, but it's good to know that they aren't mirror parts.

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Those suckers can be very stubborn. In the absence of a puller---

To loosen it, I found a couple of good whacks with a hammer on the side of the outer part with its opposite side on a hard surface e.g.(strong vice) can help, and then beat the threaded end.


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