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Door sill VIN plate removal

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I'd really like to drill out the rivets on the VIN plate on the driver's side door sill so I can make sure there's no rust back there, along with cleaning up the 10 layers of paint in that area, and then rivet it back on after the car is painted. But I seem to remember reading that there are legal issues with removing the VIN plate from a vehicle during restoration, and re-attaching it. Anyone have experience with this? I've seen lots of information on how to remove it and reattach it, but nothing related to the legalities of removing it and reattaching it later.

Oh, and I live in NY (yes, I know my profile says NJ) if it makes a difference.

Thanks guys!

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FWIW, the VIN plate on the door is not the "real" VIN plate. That's on the dash. I've removed both and reattached both with no one in authority a.) being the wiser and 2.) seeming to care, but I live in Colorado, and the licensing agency did not require any visual inspection of my car. Use the right size rivets and no one will ever know. Just my 2 cents.

Cheers, Mike

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As long as your various vin plates and stamped vins match it's hard to believe that anyone is going to make a fuss. Resto shops routinely remove them for paint

and and repairs. I like to write a message to the future restorer from me , the current restorer and slide it behind the vin plate before I rivet it back on.


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Thanks for the feedback guys...I have to admit it seemed odd to me as well, but I tend to read a lot and some things stick in strange ways...so I could be misremembering to begin with. I'm going to go ahead and drill out the rivets and make sure everything is cleaned up and rust free. Thanks again!

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I had a matress tag that said something like "Illegal to remove this tag". That was in 1983 but I'm still waiting for someone to show up.

You shouldn't post that on the internet for everyone to see. The FBI's Matress Division is on it's way to your house now. Run!!!


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