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Time for a little update....

First I got another cockatoo, the old one ( yuki ) got a little agressive and attacked me ;) this one is really friendly his name is Buddy, he's a Galah...


Second the Datsun.. it's currently in winter storage since last 2 weeks. I will start it occasionally, didn't have much time to drive it this summer...not much nice days :( !

I hope to drive it more next summer, and bring it to some classic car events...  Lot's of polishing/cleaning work needs to be done on the car in spring !

Third: The Mustang I am still waiting for the engine to come back from the engine shop, had some problems with parts I had to send back to the US. I hope to get the engine and tranny in around Christmas.. or Januari. I allready re-painted the engine bay, and put an entire new steering assembly ( rebuild unit from the US ).



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Well time has moved fast, didn't have much time on my hands for the projects in between work, but got some things done. I hope the Mustang will make it's way back on the road this summer.  I picked up the Cleveland engine 6 weeks ago, so far it's almost back together. I hope to put it in the car in the next 4 weeks. Had to get hardened push rods + taller valve covers because of the roller rockers, so that took a while to get here from the states. Not sure what the horespower numbers will be ( have to dyno it to know ), but somewhere between 500/600 at the crank. Also ordered an Autometer RPM gauge, looks cool as ****, and functional to ;)

The datto also got out of storage since last month. The brakes got stuck from sitting 6/7 months, but took care of that, also replaced breaker points. Also replaced the glass fuses ( FL headlight beam was bad, came out the be a fuse ) in the fuse box while @ it, heck they could be 30 years old.  Waiting for better weather then will give it a new coat of wax and polish the crome again.





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On ‎5‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 1:39 PM, EuroDat said:

Looking good Bart.

Thanks Chas :)

Lot's of work that Mustang.. engine build isn't so easy as the Datsun...

You gonna be @ JCS 2018 ? I think I will be there with the Datsun if they weather is nice.

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Finally saw time monday to clay and wax the Z...  Looking good, might need some more claying next month or so, there's still some dirt trapped in the paint, wasn't expecting that for 2 year old paint :blink: Also got the 351 back in the Stang..




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Currently no updates on the Z since it's still in winter sleep :rolleyes:. When I take it out again it needs APK ( 2 yearly technical condition check from goverment for all motorvehicles ). Also then will give it some new oil and filter and the valves need adjustement.  I'm planning on rebuilding the 4 speed in the future, since it has never had a rebuild since it came out of the factory, and I do feel slight vibration into the shifter and in the steering wheel I think the gearbox has something to do with this, since I eliminated everything else.  Does anyone have a good adress for this here in West Europe ? Or The Netherlands ?

Also good news from the RDW here ( Goverment Vehicle Departement ): currently the APK rules no longer apply for vehicles before 1 januari 1960, but in 1 or 2 years this will be changed to 50 years and older ( 50 years barrrier moves with time.. ). So this means my Z and the Mustang who are near 50 years old will no longer need that 2 yearly road check.  It's a big relief for other classic car owners aswell I think...

Another update: The Mustang is done, and I'm waiting for spring to arrive to give it also APK and get it on the road, then I can start adjusting the ignition and carburetor.  I also installed a 12v vacuum pump + Canister to assist the brakes, since the engine wasn't pulling enough vacuum ( familiar problem with big cams ) to operate the booster.  Also did a rebuild on the floor shifter, feels solid again :) .  When I was breaking in the new cam ( had to replace valve springs afterwards for the stiffer ones from the camshaft kit ), I heard the drivers side exhaust leaking. Was a pain in the arse to take it off, but eventually got there, and found the header flange was missing some material on the number 8 exhaust port for sealing. So I welded it up and leveled the flange again, put new thicker gasket in between and now it's sealed thankfully. Also better copper gaskets between the headers and exhaust,  This build was a pain ( took about 2 years from engine out, sourcing parts in the US and back in ), since space is so tight on everything, compared to the Z's engine bay space, this thing is a hell to work on !  

During the cam break in, I noticed dash gauges not working, eventually took the whole god damn dash out to eventually find with a multimeter it was just a bad contact in a connector I could acces near the gas pedal lol. To bad for American Autowire quality ?! WTF no water proof connectors ?!

Here's some pictures ( video will follow later, having some troubles uploading )










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