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QotW: What modern car provides the most JNC driving experience?


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Japanese Nostalgic Car Has Just Posted the Following:

12-09-2012 01:21 AM

Classics are great but sometimes you have no choice but to drive a new(ish) car. What that happens, we’d still like something that at least feels like a Japanese nostalgic car. What modern car provides the most JNC driving experience? … Continue reading →

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it's hard to even BUY a car today that doesn't come with a damn screen in the dash. I HATE 'EM!

Give me round gauges and round radio knobs!

As for "perfection" in the cockpit and instrumentation, the first generation Toyota MR-2 was about as perfect as it gets. Not to mention those six way seats with a lumbar pump. You could drive that car all day and not be fatigued.

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The S2000 really reminds me of the spirit of the Z. A sports car with a tight, reliable drivetrain packaged in a beautiful body. It has a purposeful but spartan interior (no screens, minimal buttons and clutter) and is easy to work on. First-generation S2000s didn't even have a clock! Even the proportions and dimensions are very similar (the S2000 is quite a bit wider).

I'm also a big fan of the E36 BMW M Coupe, but that one is more lux-GT than pure sports car.


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early kia rio's (2000-2005). Ingeniously cheap, not cheap like an American car where just everything sucks. They weigh as much as a tin can and lack the features of an American boat, just like the Japanese small car invasion of years past. They dont remind me of the old sports cars but they sure make me think back to 70's-80's civic's.

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