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My two swiss S30Z Fairlady Restoration build thread


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Well Nils. All I can say is Respect.gif

I don't comment much, but I do follow your thread. I hope this panelbeater pulls through without to many external issues.

Its been 10 years. Bonus points for sticking it out.

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Just a very small update. While preparing the passenger side fender for the bodyshop, i realized i dont have any nice fender emblems anymore, so i immediately ordered a set, since i saw they were still available new from Nissan:

Nothing crazy, but another little piece of the Puzzle is ready to be installed, once the shell and body panels are painted...

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Only one picture today, but an important milestone in the project: The bodywork starts again! A few hours ago, i was at the new bodyshop to discuss the first steps and bring them some parts. The car is in good company and the workshop is huge. This is just one little messy corner where it is temporary stored until work begins next week (fingers crossed). The rest of the shop is clean and busy with many people at work. I met the panel beater the first time and he seems to be a really nice dude. They promised me to send pictures every now and then, and since they're basically just a little detour on my way from work back home, i guess i will have regular visits to them too 🙂 So let's hope for some updates soon...

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