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'73 Electric Fuel Pump Fuse Location?


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I have a mid '73 240Z with an electric fuel pump in it, and it's not running. The pump is tested known good out of the car, there's just no power to it from the harness. The passenger footwell relay panel does not have any of the add-on relays for the electric pump nor are there any relays on the firewall by the heater fan like another diagram showed. I found the green wire that runs to the fuel pump on the large blue connector that connects the dash harness to the body harness, and the pump will run if I jump power to it off the battery directly, so the body harness and ground are fine. Wiring diagrams tell me that the green wire splices into the black/white ignition wire somewhere between the key switch and the fusebox, but I can't find anything there, and I'm not about to rip the dash out and start un-taping harnesses to trace wires to find the splice from the green wire to the black/white wire. I can post pictures if it helps.

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Fortunately, I have a spare dash harness lying about. After examining it, I found the inline fuse for the fuel pump. It goes in black/white and comes out green. It is near three other connectors. Two of those connectors are labeled as 16 and 17 on page BE-3 of the Body Electrical section of the FSM. If my guess is correct, you'll find them toward the passenger side of the center console.

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AH HA! Found it, it's a T connector with the black/white ignition power cable & the green fuel pump wire with nothing plugged into it. Looks like my suspicions on my car never having the proper fuel pump wiring to begin with had merit. Thanks a bunch, it was tucked under a bracket where it was impossible to see, knowing where to look made it easy.

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