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funny story i thought i'd share.

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This was awhile ago when I had my old 3.0L stroker motor. I needed to adjust the valves. Well, I used to boast how fast I could do the job and decided to show a friend. Part of how fast I could do the job was how I would use a bump starter to turn the cam over as i checked measurement, then adjusted. I had all the needed tools out on my fender (using fender cover of course), cam exposed ready set go!! I FORGOT TO TAKE THE CAR OUT OF GEAR! the starter engaged, and it scared the crap out of me. I dropped my bump steer and damn if it didnt wedge itself so that the starter didnt stop. My Z was driving up into my garage on starter power. Not the hybrid i had in mind. I did what any panicing Z owner would do.. I grabbed the car as if I could stop itLOL. Luckily i found this futile real quick (as boxes of stuff in front of the car are being pushed to the back wall) and I reached in the car and slapped the shifter into neutral.

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