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1975 C110 (KHGC110 240K) Build

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've been stripping more parts off the car, the dash is out and I'm dropping it in for repairs tomorrow. Got a bunch of stuff off being plated, powder coated and all my stainless is off being polished. I don't expect to see the stainless until Jan/Feb at this stage though.

A bunch of parts arrived today too.


New washer bottle


New fuel cap


New indicators


New steering column cover


One part of the door seals


And some new window seals for the stainless trim


I'm trying to track down some replacement weather seals for the stainless trim that sits on the top of the doors and the base of the small rear coupe windows. Not sure where I'm going to find these, any suggestions would be appreciated. I had an e-mail sent off to rubber soul (rubber-soul.net), I'm just waiting to hear back.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks :)

I did some more work on the weekend. I've removed most of the remaining interior now including the roof lining, dash and heater parts. I starting labeling the wiring loom and connectors to make the job much easier when it comes time to reassemble.


I also had some new seals for the doors arrive


and a blanking button for the cigarette lighter


Had some parts come back from powder coating also, the bumper supports and the bonnet latch support



I've had a lot of trouble finding some new rubber seals for the outer window chrome work. I got in contact with Datsport and it turns out they have a guy who can replicate seals. I'm going to send off my old front and rear seals and he'll replicate them and then they'll be able to offer them for sale so stay posted on this! Very cool!

Also went to see a restoration specialist about my body work. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with him as this stage. I'm hoping to strip out the rest of the car including engine and running gear and build a frame for the chassis similar to this.


Going to be a long wait though, minimum 6 months before I can get the car in but that gives me plenty of time to have the car blasted and primed etc. Oh, and save money for body work!

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Yeah I dunno mate, I had one and then sold it off when I got rid of the last shell. In hindsight I should have kept it. The place I'm sending the car to has a rotisserie they'll use. I figured it might be cheaper and easier to knock this up?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Happy New Year everyone! Bit of an update on the grill. So to recap I bought the grill on Yahoo Japan, from the pictures I could tell it was rusty but thought I could simply dip it, repair and then refinish it. When it arrived it had a lot more rust than I'd bargained for.



As you can see the base and supporting brackets are pretty much dust.



I drilled out the old alloy rivets and disassembled the grill. The mesh and surround are actually stainless so I had this dipped and linished ready for paint. It's not back yet though.



So quite a few parts were well beyond saving. I send the top section away to be dipped and zinc plated with some other stuff. It came back with quite a few small holes where the rust had taken it's toll.


I filled these with lead and then rubbed the surface back flush ready for filling. No doubt once it's filled and primed it will look as good as new.



I had the lower section and brackets remade by a local custom body shop. He did a great job!




Once the mesh comes back I'll rub back all parts including the plastic ends and prep them ready for priming then reassemble ready for paint. Some people are probably wondering why I bothered with this grill instead of buying a fiberglass replica, I just prefer to use as many original parts as possible and enjoy resting these old and broken parts.

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I had two fuel caps arrive from Japan this week so I pulled them apart to look at the lock mechanism. I wanted to have a key and lock with a key flap and none of the Australian deliverd caps seemed to have one, I just assumed they were missing. On closer inspection it looks like the local caps have no tumblers at all meaning that the lock does nothing, you could open it with a screw driver of knife. The lock barrels are completely different. The design of the caps is also slightly different to accommodation the spring mechanism in the JDM caps. I'm going to mod my cap to fit the JDM lock with key flap.

Some useless info, but still interesting to know.

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Yes, my car also has a key. I'm 99% sure that is the case, the barrel has no tumblers. You should be able to test it with a small flat head screw driver. Does yours have a key flap? I'll post some pics tonight.

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