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The Stroker Chronicles

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Hey guys I just wanted to share with yall the strokification of my s30.


Here’s what’s happened thus far. Took the Datsun Parts LLC stroker to Ericks Racing Engines. There I had them disassemble the block in preparation for balancing, since I heard LLC just slapps their stuff together like that. Lone behold I find dirt under the head gasket (see attached image)!!

I’m having Elias Alaniz take care of the porting.

He did a baseline run of both my p90 and n42. At low lift the p90 beat the n42, but the same could not be said twards the higher numbers. Ill post a list of values so yall can check em out soon. So far hes pulled off 208 cfm .550 valve lift 28" of H20, keep in mind this is an intermediate reading.

I removed my current mikuni intake manifold and carbies from my current l24 today. Gona drop em off tomorrow to further the head work. I’ll keep yall posted with the results!




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P90 head from BMC can flow 220cfm @ 0.55" at 25" of water:


For sneaky racers: If you cleverly use "weak" valve springs and asymmetrical cam grind, you can get more lift than the cam specs.... akin to opening the holes in the su carb balance pipe to get more air.


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