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Z cars at the Concours


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I'll have a little chat with Matt and teach him the phrase, "Yes, it's absolutely bone stock" for the next show. Doubt anyone would notice, LOL.


Just as a side story, the Japanese aftermarket ignition module recently crapped out on us days before a photoshoot, so I spent the weekend cursing, yanking parts off, and trying to retrofit an MSD box to it. All's well that ends well.


Back to concours-talk.

LOL Don't worry, I don't want to get Matt in trouble! He actually told me when I stopped by the garage one day, because he was mentioning the module crapping out on you!

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The Alfa, looks like my dad's Duetto that he brought over from Italy, when he moved here. I wonder. It's the car I spent the first three years of my life commuting in. I had a wooden box behind the two seats that formed my crib (coffin). I think it explains a lot of the rest of my life...leaden exhaust fumes, 100db wind noise, and raspy exhaust notes, in high doses for my first three years. LOL

Your Z looks majestic amongst the others.

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Here are a few shots that have been taken of Z's and other classic Japanese cars at some of the Concours events I mentioned. While they may not all be stock but they all share one thing in common....having a passion to promote the cars we love and cherish.











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BELOW: A picture from Amelia - Race Cars 1963 to 1972


BELOW: One of my favorite pictures - a fellow 240Z Enthusiast {RIGHT} helping me re-polish the Mag.'s - after the car was put on the show field in a very early morning fog. The moisture in the air just flashes the polished Mag's to a dull silver. THANKS WILL!! BTW - we didn't see anyone pitching it to help the poor guy that brought that Ferrari... LOL Z Car People are great!


BELOW: Peter Brock and I spent some time on the Beach at Amelia Island - This is just one of my personal favorites... I was telling Mr. Brock to hold his stomach in - like this! We were laughing so hard a friend had to take the picture three times. The wind was blowing about 30 knots that day as well!


BELOW: A picture from the Mirror Lake Concours d'Elegance, in Lakeland, Florida. Note the Group 44 cars down front. The TR-6 is the car that Paul Newman drove.


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Hey Rich - THAT'S GREAT!!.... Way to go!!

Carl B.

Thanks Carl! I was glad they got some nice shots of the car during the interview. The vice chairman of the Concours who did the interview really loved my car, which is great. The spot came at a price though, I lost a hubcap on the way there. That was stressing me out as the show is this Sunday. Fortunately, a Z-guy up in Anaheim answered my Craigslist add and was able to set me up with two replacements (one for spare) for $160. And they are near a perfect match. I will post pics of them later. Anyway, with the new hubcap, I am now ready for the show tomorrow.

I love pic of yours with you and Peter Brock on the beach! That front view of the car is awesome.

Best regards,


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Just thought I'd show pic of the hubcap I picked up on short notice for tomorrows show. Very nice match. It has the extra tangs on the back, but don't think most people will notice - hopefully not the judges. The Air filler hole is in the right spot. That was one of my biggest concerns. Big thanks to Martin in Anaheim.:beer:




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Hey Carl, what is the tube sticking out of the lower fender behind the front left wheel of your BRE rally car?

Hi Lee:

That is a mounting point for service jackstands. There is one at each wheel. Here is an example of the application from McKlein-imagedatabase.com


This is what the BRE Baja Z's look like:

BRE BAJA Z - Model by Rick Correia


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I have to say that this has turned out to be a pretty incredible event for me. I got some good air time on local NBC on friday as noted earlier in this thread. However, today at the show I was one of the few featured entrants on the local KUSI station. They actually asked some questions about the car and I was able to tell a bit of the cars background and history on live TV at the show. It was about a one minute spot. Soon after the interview, I got a text from Lenny of ZCSD (Z Club of San Diego) congratulating me on the interview he just saw on TV. And later during the show people said they saw me on TV, so that was super cool. I am now famous.:cool:

Anyway, I was entered in the preservation class as were the other cars shown below (no Japanese class). I figured the Bentley was first place, but was not sure how the rest would play out. I wasn't really all that concerned as I honestly did not feel worthy to be there among the majority of these cars. So, when they announced the awards, the yellow 450SL got third...then the Bentley was announced as second....and then the announcer began to say, "This next car brought about the demise of the British sports car industry......" Wow, what a rush. This is my first, First Place win at a concours, very exciting. Still don't think it has all settled in, especially given the competition. It really is a great win for the Z community. Hopefully this is an indication of things to come for the Z cars.







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Congratulations on the first place award. The Z is gaining more and more respect in the concours communities across the country so your efforts to push the door open even wider for others to follow has been well rewarded. The Z, I am sure, received alot of attention from the public as it is a car that many can directly relate to. Keep waving the flag, it is well deserved.

Congratulations again,

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Hey Rich,

Congratulations on winning first place against some very nice cars. You have a beautiful car so it was well deserved. Thank you for helping to add to the credibility of our Z cars and getting them more recognition at concours events like this one.

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Thanks everyone for the congrats. I am still enjoying the victory here.

I did want to add, for those who are considering entering the Concours shows, that there are often a number of great activities that precede the shows that are a lot of fun. Some of those events are included in the price of admission for your car. At the La Jolla event, there was a FREE reception the night before for all of the participants. The reception was catered by some of the top restaurants in La Jolla, and all the drinks were free as well, wine, margaritas, tequila shots, vodka thingies and whatever. The food was incredible and my wife and I went back for seconds and thirds for most items. My wife rarely attends the car shows with me, but she could not stop talking about how awesome the reception was. She called all her friends and sisters and had to tell them about it. When I told her the chairman invited me back for next years show, she said we were definitely going to go…..just for the reception. Anyway, just thought I would pass that on .

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Congrats Rich, that is outstanding!!! Beautiful car. It is also a great thing that you could get your wife to go along and actually enjoy it too!

That is an unbelieveable score to get 2 mint series I hubcaps for $160. You must be living right, there in Southern CA.


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