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Aspirator Fan - how to disable


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The automatic air system depends on this little fan to draw cabin air over its adjacent temperature sensor to decide how to manage the overall cabin air flow and temperature. About the only way to have it work without its fan is to reposition that sensor inside the cabin somewhere where its exposed to ambient air temperture, that is NOT affected by the sun, open windows, the direct output of the AC vents, that kind of thing

That is why they buried it in the dash and brought cabin ambient air into it via a fan, to avoid all the interfering temperature sources. I'de just let it dangle down in dash, just above your feet, but not low enough to be blown on by any fan driven air.

Might have to experiment a bit.

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Look in the glove box. I think you might to take the gb door off and light if i remember.

Fold or collapse glove box in on itself and remove. Look in there you will see a tube

from dash to aspirator fan. Remove tube spray the fan with some electronic cleaner and just a little pb blaster.

I did this to my 83 and hear the squeal no more.

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I successfully disabled the aspirator fan. I unplugged the "blue" wire from the fan's housing. The AC still seems to be working as usual. Are there any safety hazards caused by leaving something disconnected behind the dash like that?

SO GREAT to not hear the scratching aspirator fan while driving. That thing was loud. Maybe I'll look for an OEM replacement that will run silent.

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