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Looking for member to inspect out of state car. so cal area

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    recently sold my 73 and am looking at purchasing a replacement soon.

    problem is, the car i am currently considering is california, and i'm currently in toronto area.

    would love to find one or more members who would like a reason to drive over to seller's home and review a few things for me.

    dont mind paying for time and fuel but would prefer someone with knowledge on s30's.

    dont need to be a guru, just someone that knows common stuff.

    currently considering a car between riverside and escondido.

    feel free to share your thoughts. thanks

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    Hi there Tom. Let me know if I can help. I live in Pomona (about 5 miles from Ontario-California that is.)

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    Thanks so much for replying to my post.

    Car is located in Irvine, looks like its about 45 miles from you.

    not sure if that is too far for your taste.

    actually, just waiting to hear back from seller on some negotiations, so not able to say wether or not there is still a car

    there to look at. LOL

    anyways, very nice of you to answer. I will speak again with seller and get back to this post.

    In the meantime, let me know how i can help pay your expenses and time.

    car is 74 260, w/l28, triple webers. body has had work done but looks pretty good from pics.

    looking to purchase for reasonable price that will allow me to finish up the car's requirments without blowing my life savings.

    any thoughts? Talk soon.

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