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clutch slave cylinder busted.

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Hey guys,

I own a 77' 280 z and one morning the clutch system lost all pressure and locked into gear. I was able to get it off the road and inspected it for the cause of the issue. My slave cylinder under the passenger side was leaking fluid from the rubber boot side facing the rear of the car. I purchased a new part at a local auto parts store and installed it, inserting the metal rod into the boot like the one i took off. I bled the system and it tested good and i made it about 2 blocks before the clutch died again. upon looking under the car the boot had blown off and was pouring out of the boot.

Is this just a bad cylinder, does that happen often or is something else the issue and it will blow the replacement one i install as well.


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Has the throwout bearing been replaced recently? I had a similar issue where the slave piston would push out too far whenever I depressed the clutch causing the piston seal to come out and loose fluid. First I thought it was the cylinder and put in another, but it did the same thing. I did a little reading on here and found that some throwout bearings are different lengths, and a lot of the replacement parts were just using a general one size fits all. I ended up lengthening the rod for the slave cylinder and its been happy ever since.

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hey there, i have the same year z, 77', and after it sat undriven for 12 months the clutch fluid reservoir ended up bone dry with all the fluid on the driveway below the car.

i am curious how far i need to go replacing parts to get the clutch working again..?

also exactly what part/s to purchase to put back on the car so i don't end up with some of the problems i'm noticing such as differing length rods etc.

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The rod length is adjustable. I know I posted details on it somewhere. Besides, adjustment is described in the FSM.

If you want to refresh your hydraulics, I suggest replacing the master cylinder, slave cylinder & soft tubing. After removing the old master cylinder, slave cylinder & soft tubing, flush the hard lines with mineral spirits & with compressed air (with a water trap to prevent re-introducing moisture).

If your clutch is non-functional with new hydraulics, consult the troubleshooting in the FSM.

By the way, the FSM is useful for understanding and repairing the clutch. LOL

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Also note that not all the rods are adjustable. the 240 style is, but the 280z is not. just a heads-up. i had to cut and weld mine to get the extra length needed to prevent the over-extension of the piston.

That depends upon where you buy the master cylinder from. The ones listed at RockAuto are adjustable for the 280Z.

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