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Terry's Project 240K

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so trying to get motivation to get stuck into the k again. my heater box was removed by the previous owner for whatever reason, so got one out of a wreck out and cleaned it all up and realised one of the clips is broken that controls the circulation. not only that im thinking theres going to be lots missing. what a pain. anyone have spare controls, clips or the likes?

my parts are motivation

broken clip





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Well with some time off work thought I'd get stuck in.

Removed drums off k frame I got from paddock car. Painted backing plate and ordered new protex brake cylinders and shoes off eBay.

I've also started wire wheeling under the car as it's all surface rust and painting with killrust enamel.

And finally took the grinder to the brilliantly welded in boot to cut out the 44 gallon drum lid out. Was hoping i sneezed so it'd fall out. Then To replace with new spare wheel well.




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found the wheel well i was using had rust in it, so i cut the whole bottom out and replaced it. ive seam sealed it, and will paint it.


so got new brake shoes, and cylinders. started installing them


and the pins, springs and retainers wernt looking great, so went to power brakes and... bang. new ones :)


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Hi Terry,

I just read through the entire build thread you have here, man what a journey over a couple of years and you still have a way to go.

Really admire your determination and passion for your K project.

Good luck with the rest of the build, I'm sure everyone can't wait to see it in the flesh!!


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Under the rear of the car has reminded me that this next project is a doozy..

Firsty the previous guy cut the spare wheel well out to put a flat floor in it, which is a bit of checker plate bolted in and scrap metal tacked in place. so that will be getting ripped out and a wheel well welded back in.

next is it had R31 disk rear brackets welded on not too well, and from what i gather that path was not going to be easy nor legal, so i will be grinding it off and putting drums back on.

Then theres the diff. It has this wicked burnout sick drag car spec centre in it, which i will be replacing, but on a good note i was told it has 3:9s in it. Which i was told at datsport that if it does, their not easy to come across.

All i can see stamped on the crown wheel is 'H 3 9 X 1 1 J 7-3' any ideas? (Edit. just found its 39/11 = 3.54 ratio. ie stock ratio) another bull**** fact thrown in when i bought the car

Also has big fuel lines that were bent all dodgy down the car as it was going to have fuel pumps under the car for the RB20. So new fuel lines will be run.

Another good note is that it has nolathane kframe bushes, wishbone bushes, diff mustache bushes, new pedders shocks and low king springs!


Hi Terry,

I know you've well and truly sorted your diff woes out by now, but it got me wondering, and please anybody chime in with your knowledge or opinions.....

We have a 78 280zx 2+2 5 speed that has a disc braked diff. Has anybody used one of these units to upgrade a 240k sedan or coupe? They seem to be very similar just looking at it under the car but I haven't measured anything.


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so ive finally got round to welding in the new and improved spare wheel well. and patched the big hole in the boot. Thought that was about it but now found lots of rust in the bottom of the rear quarter.

Ive cut it out and tried welding new plates in but its real difficult with limited access to it and the shape. So i will try to patch as well as i can and then killrust it all and smooth it with fibreglass filler


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