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Bill Coffey's Garage party 2011

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Well it's that time of year again when Bill Coffey throws his famous "Garage Party". If you haven't been to one of these you are missing a great time. Lot's of great Z cars as well as many other types of vintage racers and hot rods.

The date is Saturday October 29th and starts at 11:00 AM.

I just got the flier from Bill and he asked me to post it for him.


Garage party 2011.pdf

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It must be great to hit these parties in the zero rust states and have a bunch of S30's all in one place, the last time I went to a event like this in my neck of the woods the closest thing to my Z was a 300ZX. The HLS30 is a dynosaur in MD........................Extinct.....

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Day started out a little overcast but soon brightened up with a good turnout. Part of the Z club out of S. Fl showed up, people from Tampa area and Pcola made the trek out to join Bill and others paying respect to Bills Dear Friend that passed RICH SHAFER. Trophies honoring Rich were passed out for peoples favorite cars at the show, making it a bigger honor this year to receive a trophy.

Some of Bills many notable friends showed up to include, Cannonball Jack winner of the 1975 Cannonball run in his Dino Ferrari with an average speed of 81MPH, Phil Currin 1972 IMSA GTO Champion, Greg Ira who notably placed second at the SCCA Runoffs this year in his 240Z, Larry Mahanor finally made it up to a show and was able to bring his sweeeet looking HSR raced 280Z, Carl Beck once again brought his fully restored BRE Rally 240Z.

Once again Bill had two barrels of nectar from the God’s (keg’s of beer) and excellent BBQ food to quench the appetite.

Thanks Bill for a great party once again





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