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Love it or hate it, it was incredibly fun to do. Chalkboard 280z

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I purchased the car as a shell for 500$ with the intent of it being a "fun car" complete restoration is out of the question budget wise, so we went a different route.

The car is mostly track driven, so the paint job was to be done on the cheap. I wanted it flat black, but didn't want to spend $500 or more on a paint job (both of my fathers air compressors are down)

so after a long night of drinking we came up with the idea of chalkboard paint, did some research and this stuff lasts out in the sun, and its incredibly hard after 20$ and a trip to home depot, i finished with this:

i had to tip my hat to crazyoctopus, i learned alot from reading his blog so for a grant total of 15 minutes the car looked like his 240z

In this photo you can see all the grime and oil that was all over the hood from the repairs / maintenance / engine modification a sanding sponge took it all off


About 1/3 done




And here it is done, it needs to cure for another day still, I'm going to wet sand it tomorrow because this stuff was applied with a roller :$


According to a a few guys who did this to the hoods of their cars, it will be very smooth once you "prep" the car by going over the entire thing with chalk


For those of you who live in WNY 103.3 the edge was interested in me parking the car next to their booth at dunn tire raceway park for cruise nights, They think its a cool idea for the people who visit to draw on it. if everything goes as planned this should start next weds.

I've also sent a few emails to college art teachers, as well as my old art teachers from highschool & middle school They'd love to have the students draw all over the car for a day.

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Well it rained a little bit, some chalk streaks down the car but most of the stuff is still visable, when i ran my finger over the chalk it wiped right off. I'm gonna go ahead and say sponge bath will be most effective at cleaning it.

if you notice the greyish color of the car, thats for the white chalks "prep" coat, i simply erased that stuff.

here is a video walk around

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like it its different talking about different colored car change the color of it in minutes an easy to clean. An the outside probably does not get as hot as a automotive gray or black would.

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