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The official "Post pictures of your wheels" thread

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Vintage Appliance brand "Fine Wires" in 14x6 (Real wire wheels)



Stock early hubcaps (aka "D" hubcaps)


Vintage Appliance brand "Wire Mags" in 14x6








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Original Appliance 14 x 7 aluminum mags that were purchased in Orlando, Florida for $150 in early 1972.

The original center caps succumbed to Florida rust cancer and were replaced with Eagle caps sometime this decade.


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Might I suggest updating the first post to also request tire size along with your wheel specs (if known). Maybe if you're lowered too

My car has:

Rota RB-R 16x8 +4 in hyper black

General Exclaim UHP 205/50/16




by AYates Photos, on Flickr


by AYates Photos, on Flickr



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260Z on 14x6 slot mags and 195/60R14 tires


same 260Z on American Racing Vectors (aka Dukes of Hazzard wheels) and 195/60R14 tires


280Z on Enkei(?) 14x6 wheels and 215/60R14 tires


same 280 on 16x7 Panasports and 225/50R16 tires



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Coop, they were on the 280 when I bought it back in 1990. At that time, the car had been sitting for about 5 years, so they are at least 26 years old - maybe more. I like the wheels a lot, but they have the stupid slotted lug holes that accept multiple bolt circles. I am afraid to use them on the 260 race car even though I need another set of 14x6 wheels for the track. Has anybody ever used wheels with this style hub on the track? I have never been able to verify if they were designed to use some sort of insert. There were "Unilug" wheels of the same era that used a washer with an offset hole, but these don't appear to use anything other than a regular shank style lugnut.

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Jeff. Those could have been my old wheels but mine weren't slotted. They looked good with the gold trim and the yellow paint job. Sort of like a Ferrari. I found them to be a nuisance when I started to run them in ITS back in 1987, what with always removing them to bleed brakes, etc. So I switched to a proper lugged 14x7. I would never run the old shank type of wheels on the track. In fact, I once had a shank type of wheel modified with pressed inserts in order to use the beveled lug nuts. Nice.

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We had one of the Vectors come loose last year mid-race. Luckily it didn't come off, but it did booger up the lug holes in the wheel. I hate shank-style wheels!!! They are a pain in the arse to get on and off quickly and the nuts are getting hard to find.

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I got a line on a set of those 280Z on Enkei(?) 14x6 wheels and 215/60R14. They are on a project car that will not be using them since the car was rebodied to a GTO 250. I am sure they are for sale here in San Diego if anyone is interested...local deal and pick up of course. I will get some pictures of my wheels on here, Watanabe's 15x7s with medal center caps. Got a set of Centerlines, Turbines and recently restored a set of SSR Reverse Mesh 15X7s, I had the centers powder coated silver. They will be for sale.

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The "280Z on Enkei(?)" wheels aren't Enkeis. They look like Gotti replicas as built by either American Racing or Ultra. Enkei never made that style.

It took quite a bit of searching, but Enkei did actually make a wheel that looks just like mine. The Enkei model was called Easyrider. Unfortunately, there are no markings on the wheels, so I have no idea if mine are actually Enkei or not. Here is a picture I found of the Enkei Easyriders.


and here are my wheels



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