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Hey guys got another idea for a new meet!!

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Hey guys I just found out they're having a little farmer's market/fair at our usually friday meet spot (starbucks off azusa and amar in west covina). I was talking to the event coordinators and I think I have another idea for a new meet! It's gona be held on Thursdays during the same time as the fair (anywhere from 4pm-8pm). So not only will we have our usual kick back meet, we'll have show space reserved (FREE) and also have the option of buyin some funnel cake, kick arse hotdogs, desserts, pony rides, live music, fresh fruits and vegetables, honey stuff, empanadas, and a bunch more stuff!! Let me know what yall think!

Incase you havent seen, heres a video of our most recent Friday meet:

Or just youtube search "Z Meet Friday West Covina" on your computer...cellphones wont work :(

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