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BOSCH H4 Headlights:

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I've got a few sets of Bosch H4 headlights that fit 240Z through 280ZX.

I can load them with 60/55 H4 bulbs and include shipping (FedEx) in the continental US for $65.oo a pair.

If interested let me know. This is not something I have listed at my website because the quantities are so limited.

I'm not trying to entice you to order now, just stating that it is something that has a limited supply.

IMO; I think they are better than the Hella's which I stock all the time.


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That's a hell of a deal ! I paid $50.00 plus shipping over 10 years ago. Just be sure to up grade the headlight wiring with the relay system or you will fry the fuse box and or combo switch. Either of these are spendy. The lights are great tough and worth the effort. I am using 60/100 bulbs though.


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Oh yeah, I made the mistake of buying the Blackdragon relay kit. I re-engineered the hell out of it, too. I would have been better off just starting with primary wire and relay bases.

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If you need other bulbs just go to my website and check out what options I stock in H4 or 9003 then PM or email me with your requirements and we can work something out.

My personal preference is the Bosch housings with Narva XB3 bulbs.

These bulbs are the best IMO but do cost more than a standard H4 bulb.

This is strictly an FYI. Not a sales pitch just my personal opinion.

Buy whatever, wherever but try to buy the best housings and bulbs you can afford. Hopefully from someone who knows what they are talking about.

I've attached an information sheet:


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Oh yeah, I made the mistake of buying the Blackdragon relay kit. I re-engineered the hell out of it, too. I would have been better off just starting with primary wire and relay bases.

That's a universal relay kit since BD / Long Motor Co. sells for a lot of different applications. If you use the supplied relays try to put them in a very dry place or seal them to prevent moisture encroachment. It's always Murphys Law that they will fail in the darkest place at the worst time.

I speak from experience. Tech crew in Baja many years ago.

Note to self: Bosch is better than Lucas

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Actually, one of the first things I did was to replace the relays with standard SPDT relays, and then I decided to use longer wires to move the relays into the engine bay better. I'm sealing the bottoms of the bases with liquid electrical tape to keep moisture out of there.

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Just an FYI:

I have two pair of the Bosch headlights left.

I know it's early in the year and many folks won't bring their car out of hibernation until later when it's nearer to the Spring so interest may be low right now.

The reason I'm writing this is that my supplier has contacted me to purchase more while they are still available. As I stated before it is not something I usually stock and sell, especially since it is not going to be available at this price once his/my inventory is finally depleted.

And to be perfectly honest with you no matter how good a deal I just don't want to inventory a bunch of these in anticipation of some sale way down the road, maybe.

So, do you think there will be an interest in purchasing these for your car as the weather warms?


The back story behind this is that a motorcycle manufacture in the US, (pretty easy to figure out who), went out of business. The lights had already been made and shipped to the wholesale distributor that supplied the manufacturer and he got stuck with unpaid inventory palletized for assembly line installation.

So my guy bought them.

Which makes these available at a price I have not seen for this Bosch housing in the time I've been doing this business, and that's a long time.

There are other avenues of sale for me in any vehicle that uses a 7 inch round headlight, but making a market in something limited in availability to undercut products I offer on an ongoing and unending basis does not make good business sense.

If you can PM me or email me I'll get a list going to see if it's going to be worthwhile to purchase and inventory these for the short term future.

Thanks for your input,

John ([email protected])

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Thank you for the feedback.

Looks like Spring will be a busier time for most of you with your cars currently in hibernation for the Winter.

I will put in an order and stock a few pairs of these headlights.

I do still have 2 sets in stock for sale so if you need to upgrade now let me know.

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I got the lights very quickly. I finally had a chance to try them out. They fit great and are a very noticeable improvement. Super price as well. If anyone is thinking about this upgrade, jump on it and save yourself some money. Thanks again!

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Thanks to all that have taken advantage of this offer.

FYI: I am down to only two pairs left in inventory.

I'm putting in an order with the supplier today.

If anyone else wants these let me know.

I'll try to stock them as long as they have inventory to supply,

and thanks to the slow economy they still have them.

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