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Original brand sealed lights

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I provided some info a while back to Carl Beck concerning availability of original brand (Koito) headlamps which he believed may have been unavailable.

I thought it may be useful to share here for anyone seeking complete originality for their car, concors events etc

I recently purchased a pair of lights for my car from a well known West Australian motor parts company called Marlows, the lights were marketed under the Bosch brand but are actually Koito manufactured parts.

The Bosch brand of products is huge in Europe and Oz so anyone wanting these should'nt have too much trouble.

Hope this is of help to some people.



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Lee, I moved this thread from the main NEWS area to the proper forum. Please post information like this in the forum of choice instead of our main page news. That forum is reserved for news about the site or large events.

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To add on your information Lee, The GQ nissan Patrol that stopped and went out of production in Australia in 1997 still uses the same basic sealed beam unit, this unit would pass at any concourse. Nissan still supply this item only it is "Halogen" sealed beam unit. The unit still complies to the original 240Z E4 pattern lense and shows no external tell tail marks.

My 2c

Cheers Steve:classic:

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