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Selling drawings of recogizable cars


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Does anybody here know anything about the legality of selling drawings of recognizable cars? I've been perusing the website of the Boogerballs guy , and I'm just wondering how he gets away with selling his illustrations. Is it because the logos and emblems and such are mostly small or obscured? There's been some interest in me selling prints of my illustrations, Z's included, and I'd like to know what my legal limitations are. Any experts around?

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Check with a lawyer. I did some art that people had that concern, basically the logos are part of the subject and are not being used to sell the object directly is OK. So if I illustrate one of the BRE racing cars that would be OK, but putting the BRE logo on the picture frame would need approval by BRE. It gets quite gray if I illustrated the BRE logo as the back drop of the car, and I would want approval by BRE or a lawyers statement.

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