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Electric Antenna

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What's wrong with the one you have? I mean, is the thing totally busted off, or just not going up and down while you hear the antenna motor going?

In either case.. if you can't get one cheap from the list, you have a few options.

1. If the antenna itself LOOKS fine, and you can hear the motor whine when you flip the switch, but the antenna doesn't go up or down, then the cord inside is busted. You can get a kit from Motorsport Auto for around $20 to replace that cord yourself. (My father has done this before on his Z, and he assured me that it's not too much of a pain.)

2. If it's busted, then you can get an aftermarket version for around $80-90, or a new "Nissan" one for around $120 or so. Both also from Motorsport Auto.

Hope this helps!!

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