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7.1 Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand


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7.1 magnitude, 10km deep, 30km from the city where we live, fault line is 100km long and shifted 5 metres.

Being woken by that was no fun. Watching your kids running down the hall screaming as they literally get thrown into the walls isn't much fun either, we all huddled in a doorway waiting for the horror to end. Very very scary.

All in shock really. Power came back on at 10:30am for us. We are being told to conserve and boil water. Our emergency cupboard worked well with torches, candles and radio. If you haven't got this then please do so as soon as you can.

This could have have been oh so worse. Lucky this happened at 4:35am Saturday morning. In a city of over 400,000 people, only one is in intensive care. City is closed down as brick facades down everywhere. High rises are OK. Pleny of sand volcano's everywhere as the ground liquafied. Just crazy.

Zed is happy under it's cover with only a bottle of Jenilite falling down off a cupboard and now trying to eat my beer fridge. Just a few broken glasses and knocked over bookcases.



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James, I'm glad to hear that a much greater tragedy was narrowly missed and also that you and your family escaped injury and didn't experience serious property damage. It seems that natural disasters are becoming more frequent in recent years around the globe.

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Yes, I second everyones kind remarks.The Z community is a great thing.:beer: We live in Auckland which is in the North Island, and thankfully hundreds of miles from this disaster. We were in Christchurch just over a week ago and were on a tourist train which goes through Darfield which is very close to the epicentre. Fortunately this area is not heavily populated. Thank God we were safe at home in our beds when this happened!!

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Three zeds didn't fear so well around the city.

Gnose 260 2+2 hit by falling bricks.

280zx hit by falling bricks.

350z hit by items stored in garage rafters.

Same magnitude as the Haiti quake. We are blessed that no-one was killed. We have had 25 or so aftershocks so far as high as 5.2

First quake has been downgraded to 7.1 and a 3m shift in the surface and lasted just over a minute.

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Glad to hear that you and your family were not hurt, living in California we have had a little of what you have experienced....I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area in 89, for that quake.

I am sure things will get better as time goes by, the Z community wishes you all the best.

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It just gets more crazy by the day. We have now had over 100 aftershocks the latest was a 5.1 and only 6km deep just 10km from our house. Still no damage to my place but the army are now in the city to stop people coming into the danger areas which is growing as these significant aftershocks rip through previously salvagable buildings.

Many of our old brick buildings are too far gone to be saved so down they come. Very sad as the soul of our city gets destroyed. Let's hope the building owners get the idea and put up good designs and not just cheapest option.

We have been told to expect aftershocks for the next few weeks, less is frequency but as high as 6.1. Everyone is on edge want it to stop as nerves are shot.

Thanks for your kind thoughts all, much appreciated.

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I'll take an earthquake over any other natural disaster,and now for the weather Hurricane Elvis has reached catagory 5 and is headed your way and will be there in two days, forget it. At least with an earthquake its over before you know it.

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This earthquake has been a nightmare for the folk in the affected areas.

Thank God we live a long way from Christchurch. I contacted the motel

we stayed at on our visit two weeks ago, and he said they had no

damage although they have felt it all.

Last report is more than 300 aftershocks. That must surely jangle the nerves.

My wifes cousin lives only a few miles from one of the worst affected areas and they are fine. Seems some areas are built on what was once swampy land, hence the liquifacation of the ground. Similar to a concrete vibrator I would imagine. The water and mud, pumps up from down below. There are roads that were once straight, now have a bend. looks like two or three metres in some places. Weird.:beer:

Over 100,000 homes damaged. Many to be demolished.

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While we are on the topic of Natural Disasters..... The wild fire in 4 Mile Canyon near Boulder Colorado has backed off a bit... 154 homes wiped out.... A weather event

now has authorities warning people in Boulder to pay attention to developments tonight as winds pick up...... Man....


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Keep us posted on how you're doing. The news in Noth Amaerica hasn't kept up with recent happenings in NZ. And how are the roads around there? All passable? Fortunately, in the North West area of the USA, Mother Nature has been quiet as of late. Cheers from Oregon.


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Glad to hear you and the family are OK.

I live near Sanfrancisco and have been through a few big ones. It can be pretty scary and we had minor damage to both previous houses in the last two "big-uns". Wev'e kept a small eathquake kit stocked since the 1989 quake.

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We are now at 2210 and counting. They who don't know say we could have these for another year yet. Bloody hell.

We had a 4.8 yesterday. I was an hours drive north and didn't feel a thing. My wife and son were at a swimming meet and they were evacuated as power was cut.

We had a 5.0 last week and it was very shallow. You really do see the gorund move as the waves pass through it. I was working in the carpark of our central police station and watched the waves ripple though then hit the 14 story tower, first thing to move were the birds then the steel chimney on top of the tower started to sway...quite a bit. I went up the tower and had a look at the huge cracks in the stairwells and services risers...cracks and big cracks in some parts. Engineers think I will withstand a 9, yeah right!!!

Life goes on though. Our nerves are shot but nothing we can do. Our house now has a few minor cracks in door frames and window edges but that is all. I drove through the small township of Kaiapoi 20kms north of Christchurch yesterday and it was hit hard, very very hard. The place looks bad. Huge shifts in the roads and infracstucture shot. It will take some time for things to come right there.

All roads are open but some are blocked off as buildings are demolished. All the road fixes are temporary as the aftershocks continue.

Crazy times people but, the people of NZ are very charitable and 17million was raised during a 12 hour music concert held on Saturday in our big city park. Local airline flew everyone in and they played for free.

For those of you in San Fransisco, did you get the similar pattern of aftershocks?

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