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Tail light problem


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I have a 1972 240 which has a tail light problem. On the left rear light the brake light and the turn signal light do not work. On the same light the back up light and regular light does work. I have changed the bulbs to no avail. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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Inspect the sockets and clean out corrosion.

Use a voltmeter and check for voltage from the socket to the chasis. If you have voltage, check the continuity of your ground wire.

Ensure you have a dual filament bulb.

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I had a similar issue when I was redoing my 1970....seemed as though some of the tail lights worked and some didn't. After checking things out, I discovered that the switch on the steering colomn (it was the original unit) was just worn from many many years of use. After replacing it, all was fine again. Just some food for thought!


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I just went thru this exercise on my 72 240Z

1. Make sure the harness connections are good on the steering column

- Especially the grounds

- I found one issue by shaking the wiring harness

2. Clean the harness connections on the passenger side under dash

3. Make sure the bulbs are right

4. Replace the flasher unit located above the steering column with a digital unit

5. Refurbish the turn signal switch guts: Load following URL and read slowly



Not just a Z - ZDisease

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First check the bulbs that are not working with a meeter to see they are indeed good. Then check the light socket with the meeter for voltage and continuity on the ground. If no joy check the connector for corrosion . Still no Joy then go to the combo switch. If the combo switch is not working , I recommend contacting David Irwin , He rebuilds them for a nominal fee. Replacing the combo switch can be a spendy matter . I have seen them sell for $200.00+ on ebay.

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