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Water Temperature Sender?? Maybe?


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Can someone tell me what this is? I thought it was the water temp sender, but it doesn't look like the MSA replacement. It goes in the thermostat housing. I broke the wire off of it. I tried to solder it back on, but there wasn't enough wire on it to solder to. Thanks Nick



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Well I think I found out what it is. Its a thermo time switch. Which hooks up to a thermo relay that is under the coil and would retard the timing when the engine warmed up. In 73 it was only on late model automatic transmissions (I didn't know my car ever had an auto in it). I no longer have an automatic transmission and I have electronic ignition, so I don't need it. If this is wrong someone please correct me! Thanks Nick

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A thermotime switch is a item used on the later EFI cars. That's a water temperature switch. Here's an excerpt from a post about it:

Basically, that switch is used to select which pickup in the dual-pickup distributor is used. I assume it switches from the retarded pickup to the advanced pickup when the engine warms up, but it could be the other way around. It may also have some EGR functionality if your car is so equipped (mine is not).

If you cannot find a replacement switch you could run without it (you might need to jumper the switch leads to trick the car into using the advanced pickup all the time), or you could convert to a newer distributor which doesn't use dual pickups.

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The green hard stuff around the broken off wires our temp switch can be chipped or scrapped away to expose more wire. Scrap the individual wire strands to expose clean bright copper and solder your wires back on. mix and dab some epoxy on the bare soldered connection to strengthen and insulate the connections. Then get back to enjoying your Z.

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