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ZXP Adaptor buyers, Please read and respond!!!

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I may be off a little, but isn't Sep. 72' still a 72'?? Just curious.

And I believe the main issue is mid to later 73's with the electric fuel pump. I don't know when atsun actually started the relay system for the electric fuel pump, so until I get a definitive answer, we'll just say 73's with the relay and electric fuel pump, are the cars with a possible issue.

So Ditto to your info but still need a more precise answer from the other 73' owners.


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I hate to sell out the 720 crowd like this, but since I'm in the Z crowd too now, I guess I have to. The 720 trucks (my '84 at least) already come with an FP relay exactly like you guys are wanting. It won't turn on without an alternator signal. They should be in good shape, because every one I've ever seen got bypassed when somebody replaced the FP and didn't realize how the relay worked. They assumed it was bad when it didn't start up at RUN, and ran a wire direct to the IGN fuse. They may be in a lot of other early eighties carbed Nissans, but I've never looked into it, plus the cars were mostly FI by then. . .

Scott B

Gainesville, FL

'74 260Z, F54/p90a, flat tops, 6-1, 2.5, Flowmaster 40, 307 Blue(soon)

'84 720 KingCab 4x4 - Next resto project

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