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How much is this 240z worth?

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Hi, I'm new to forums and 240z's for that matter so please bare with me.

I am looking at buying a 1971 240z from a friend and I would like to get an idea of what it is worth. I can't seem to get a good idea from other classifieds so maybe you guys can help me. Alot of what I know about it was told to me by my friend, so that's what I'm working with.

-It is in Ontario, Canada and has been for about 5 years now but it is originally from California.

-It spent some time outside (maybe 1 or 2 years) but has been kept in a barn for the past year.

-It is a 4 speed manual and apparently had been running a year ago but not driven (does not run as of right now).

-The car rolls because it was pushed out of the barn.

-As for rust, the floor on the driver's side has holes through it but the passenger's doesn't seem as bad (there are no carpets). The paint around the entire car is faded and cracked but there is basically no major rust (other than the floors).

-The back window is badly scratched and probably needs to be replaced and the driver's side window is stuck in the door so I don't know how it looks.

-The dash is badly cracked from sun damage and the seats are also cracked and ripped.

-The suspension components look to be in fair shape, rusted but not damaged.

So I know it may be hard to give a good estimate on the price without any pictures but I would greatly appreciate a ball park estimate.

Thanks for helping and hopefully I'll be bringing this Z home soon so I can ask you many many more questions!

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Yeah, here on the West coast I'd say $1000 to maybe $1500. But probably more than that for rarity in your part of the world.

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Hi, I'm new to forums and 240z's for that matter so please bare with me.

Since many forum members are under 18 years of age, you'll excuse me if I don't "bare" with you. But feel free to get as bare as you'd like while reading or posting :D

It's difficult to guess a value on a rusted, non-running Z, without pictures. It could be a $250 parts car or a $1,500 fixer. What's your friend asking for the car? Do you have pictures?

A good place to start setting value is to look at the things that need to be addressed and then check vendor sites to price parts. You might find that the entire brake system needs to be replaced and that the engine needs to be rebuilt. Another factor will be how much of the possible mechanical work you can do rather than paying a mechanic.

Rusted floors aren't too difficult to fix, but be sure to check the rest of the body as well as the engine compartment. Look at the underside of the Z.

Welcome to the group and keep us posted on what you do. If you have pictures of the Z, include them for us to view. There are many experts on this forum who can get you through the rough Z times.


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here's what I got for $995 (mine's a 73 tho)-

running (just ok. much better now)

no brakes (also fixed now)

windows all work

interior mildly trashed, seats from something else

PO was a crazy person

body in decent shape,

sat outside for at least a year or two of Klamath, Oregon winter/summers

some rusty parts, some bondo-ey parts, mostly good steel

I've got pictures of it here. I haven't made much progress on it but that's about to change.

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In Ontario values are higher than South California.

These cars are rare due to salt induced rust.

You need to have someone who knows what and where to look to see if the body is basicaly sound underneath eg frame rails etc.

When I bought mine I had a professional look at the body because that is where the big money comes into play.

A $1000.00 in the south Could be $2000.00 in the Ontario rust belt.

The professional I used is my brother who has a bodyshop.:cool:

Good luck and if you are near Smithville PM me and maybe I can help out.


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Expect to spend a lot on the body and paint work. If the floor is rusted out, then other areas are likely rusted out as well (some you may not see). Spending $10,000 on body and paint is not uncommon. Then there are the seats, carpet, weatherstripping, engine, suspension..... It's worth it, but just be prepared.

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Thanks everyone for the help. They are asking $1000, so as it stands I just need to find a way to get it home and a place to put it. I just got a new camera so I'll be taking lots of pictures so you all can see the condition it's in.

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For what it's worth...you are NEVER saving money buying a cheap, rusty Z...

Depends what you want to do with the thing, but once the cancer starts, it's expensive as hell to fix (relative to just buying a solid shell and working the mechanicals to your liking...

Either way, good luck, have fun, and look up our local club at www.ontariozcar.com

We have a regular meets and a number of events. You'll certainly find guidance, parts and the odd extra set of hands...

Where in Ontario are you located?

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