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Whats the best year


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Drive train wise, in my opinion - they got all of the kinks worked out in 72, but 71 is my favorite year (differential moved a bit). They all rust at about the same rate. What is overall best though?

The one you own and go through yourself. You know what is where and know how to take care of it. I had an 82 ZX which was quicker than any of my 240's have ever been, but not as much fun as my first 71. Drive a few of each generation and see which one fits you best.

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Don't get too caught up in that line of thinking, every year is special for different reasons.

From a daily driver and stock maintenance standpoint, '72 would be the best because most of the parts that are still available through Nissan were proper on a '72, and it has performance carbs-unlike the emmissions queens tacked to the '73 models.

If you need a part for an earlier car, Nissan will have one that will work, but not necessarily the version that originally came on the car.

But, the earlier cars were lighter-meaning higher performance, but less accident protection... If you find one that runs well-in good shape at a good price, don't worry about the year, Just check her over thoroughly(with an experienced Z nut), with an eye out for collision, rust and electrical damage, and take the plunge!

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Here in the USA, for a driver that doesn't have to stay stock, I'd say the best 240Z is a '73 with a '70-72 carb retrofit. Nissan added good stuff every year. The '73s have all the improvements of the '71s and '72s (improved diff location, etc.), plus more good things like intermittent wipers and modern retractible seat belts. An early (small bumper) 260Z with the same carb retrofit might be even better.

Later cars are a different kettle of fish. More comfort and power, and the drivability and (once properly restored) reliability of the fuel injection are balanced against the taller suspension and heavier weight. But set up properly, they can be just as much fun to drive.

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As everybody else has said, there is no right answer. Having owned multiples of each Z year Z between '72 and '78, they each have their own personality. The '72 and earlier are elegantly light and simple, while the '75 - '78 cars are heavier and more modern while keeping the soul of the early cars. Currently, I'm liking the early cars again more than the late FI cars. My '74 race car is more fun than my '78. I love how simple it is compared to the emissions and sensors that fill the 280 engine bay.

The later cars offer more crash protection, but face it, getting hit in any S30 is not going to turn out well for you or the car.

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