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Original S30 design patents

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A few years ago I came across the s30 design patents through a very rigorous (and crude) search through old nissan patents filed with the US. I remember saving the image on my old hard drive of a simple white and black "line art" Z. That hard drive is long gone, and I want to have those images again.

I tried searching through google patents and the closest thing I came across was this patent for a hood that looks like it might fit a Z:

Hood Patent

Does anyone know the patent number for the s30 design patent by nissan?

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That is the add on that covered a hole in the hood for 74 models. the hole was a fix that dealers tried to solve the vapor lock issues with the 260's flat top carbs. Sorry I can't help with the original question, thought I would give info on what you found.


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I'd did a google patent search and found patents covering the IRS design, side vent, steering, valve rocker arms, but noting covering the exterior design. :(

Can you post up the patent numbers for what you found? I'd like to see the ones for the side vents and rocker arms.

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