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Cam and crank timing

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I removed my head for reconditioning and I am in the process of replacing all exterior gaskets and putting everything back together.

I need to re-install the head and I have a couple of questions about the crank position and cam position.

My guide says that I must set the #1 cylinder to TDC. Can I set it without a dial indicator?

When I got my head back it was re-assembled with the crank dowel in the 12 o'clock postion (more or less, see photo). In this position, the #2 exhaust valve is open and the #3 intake valve is open.

My guide says that if the cam dowel is in the 12 o'clock postion then the #1 intake/exhaust valves should be closed, but it does not say which valves are supposed to be open. I may just be paranoid, but I have to get it right now, or else...

And finally, I still must remove and replace the front cover, oil pump and distributor. Since I have to re-set the timing, is the distributor position important to note before removal?





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Also, the position of the rod that goes from the oil pump to the cam gear to the distributor is very important. The key for the distributor must be as shown in the picture at engine TDC. This will make timing easy. Make sure it is not 180 out.



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