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FutoFab 240Z BRE style Spook w/ enclosed ducts

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I have been in contact with Dave Patten with FutoFab on having molds made to make their 240Z BRE style spook fully enclosed. The ducts will be made in a similar fashion to the 510 BRE style spook, bonded, not overlapped.

"Here is a little background on FutoFab. We purchased all of Joe Vondrechek’s QuikSkins molds several years back. QuikSkins parts were held as being some of, if not the highest quality in Datsun 510 fiberglass components. Now, personally I am not a composites fabricator; my expertise is in rollcage/racecar fabrication which I have been doing for local racers since the late 80’s. These molds sat in storage virtually unused with the intent that I would someday “learn the trade”. As we all know for some things there never seems to be enough time to get them done. Learning composite fabrication was one of those things for me.

FutoFab, not having the internal expertise or proper facilities, decided that we would team with Composite Component Engineering to make our 510 composite pieces. CCE is a full time racecar composites shop, specializing in short run production parts, one off component fabrication and carbon fiber restoration. The owner Steve Maxwell gained his experience as a composites fabricator working for Bob Akin Motorsports (IMSA GTP Porsche 962 Team owner and driver). CCE's now manufactures CF parts sold by HRP Racing and others. One of CCE's latest projects was the carbon fiber body panel restoration of a Spice GTP car. They restored and in some cases totally reconstructed over 30 individual body panels to return the car to trophy winning vintage race quality."

- Dave Patten

The attached pics are of the 240Z BRE Spook in black gel coat. The new spooks will be an orange gel coat, not black, if you get the fiberglass version.

The pricing is the same as what is currently listed on the FutoFab web site:

"Orange Line" Gel Coat fiberglass w/ enclosed ducts - $135 + packaging/shipping

Fiberglass/Epoxy w/enclosed duct $180 + packaging/shipping

Carbon Fiber w/ enclosed ducts $225 + packaging/shipping

These prices are comparable to MSA and their version is not fully enclosed.

I need to get 2 additional orders for these spooks by Sunday October 11th. If there are at least 3 orders, including my order, then there will be no charge for having the molds created for the top of the duct. I don't know if he will be increasing the price for these in the future and I am not aware of any other vendors that currently sells a fully enclosed 240Z BRE style spook.

If you are a willing buyer, please send me an email. Payment needs to be made directly to FutoFab on Monday October 12th through PayPal. I need to coordinate with Dave on who the buyers are before hand.

Fabrication time is roughly 7 to 10 days after the order is placed.


- Mike






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