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S30 Headlight Adjusters ?


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as the plastic housing is not shaped properly, but---

the OEM originals can be found at:


part #599-003

It seems the last time I pursued this they ran about $.75 each plus shipping.

If you order a package of 25 I will buy half of them.

It would be good to have a supply around to help others with this issue.

Let me know.


Jim D.

"Zup" :bunny:

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Those 599-003s look like the ones I got at Auto & Truck Specialties in Colorado Springs.

They cost $2.95 apiece, but I only had to buy 4. ATS' part number is 71-3505.


Matt H.

Edited by clete
forgot to include part #
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Matt and Jay---

Called Auto & Truck Specialties today and ordered several of the headlamp adjustment screws----part #71-3505.

They apppear to be the same part I mentioned above.

We'll see when they get here and I'll repost then if they are the correct part.

Thanks for the tip Matt!! :beer:

Good folks out there at A&TS!

Jim D.

"Zup" :bunny:

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